Gas Compressors

We produce gas compressors for handling VOC gas to the oil and gas industry according to customer requirements.
The systems are designed, constructed and manufactured entirely by project-specific requirements.

Bjørn Øgaard

Business Development Manager

(+47) 932 86 730


  • The frame and pressure tanks are dimensioned and produced to the specific requirements that may apply to pressure tank standards , materials, movements, lifting and transportation to the platforms and not the least surface treatment.

  • Pipe systems are dimensioned and manufactured according to projects piping specifications and the materials used otherwise in the project whether it's titanium or low temperature carbon steel. Of course it also comes with project default gaskets and bolts and surface treatment.

  • The instrumentation is delivered in according to the project standards. Nominated suppliers of instruments, pipes and fittings is used. The same also with instrument cables, cable trays, cable marking and clamping.

  • Electrical installation and motors and heating elements are also fully in accordance with project specific requirements whether it is a safe area, zone I or II.

  • Control systems is designed and manufactured according to project needs and specifications, either full integration with the platform's own control system or standalone systems. Selection of the PLC is done according to project standards.

  • Project management and execution is done by a dedicated project department whose task is only to work with oil and gas related projects. The implementation is done by using modern tools such as Bently AutoPlant which includes the structure, P&ID, Instrument and data sheets. All data is collected from the same database so that there is consistency in the values

  • Document handling occurs by modern and efficient document management systems that can easily be adapted to the different projects' systems.

  • The compilation, MC and testing takes place in modern facilities with appropriate equipment such that when it leaves us it is mechanically complete and full-load tested with the control system whether it is the project's integrated system or supplied with the equipment. When it is the project's integrated system it is tested out using a test node.

  • All types of compressors is delivered either centrifugal, oil-free screw, oil-lubricated screw or piston.

"Our strength is to supply compressors where standard industrial compressors do not meet the requirements."